Do you run a business? Do you also think that today it is not possible to conduct your business on a large, international scale without the Internet, without access to the network, on which the average man in the street spends more and more time on? Indeed, most serious and reliable companies also offer their services through various websites. In fact, these can be either business cards, as well as the presentation of full offers for potential customers and clients.

In the case of an expanding market or simply entering a new one, it is crucial to ensure the translation of specific web pages into the official language of the country in which the activity is to be conducted. This, among other things like brand building, also creates a basis for credibility of the company or enterprise.

However, since the website attracts numerous visitors, for each its owner should take care of certain aspects. Graphics or performance is of course important, but – as is commonly believed – the content is its backbone. Only then, when the offer or the company’s history will be presented in valid and interesting language, will there be a chance of the undertaking becoming popular, and thus will be able to develop freely.

It appears that individual societies give quite considerable attention to how the company presents itself on the network. Therefore, in order for you and your business to succeed, you should first of all take care of the linguistic aspect.

To this end it is worth to look for an interpreter who will know the history and culture of the country or the area where you wish to do business. It is also good when the translator has knowledge of the industry, which you are a part of. The descriptions of individual products or services thus will be much more attractive and will attract potential customers. This in turn should bring tangible returns in terms of business development.

In order to provide the highest quality result, our translators must have all the information related to the project: visual aids, screenshots, dimensions of the text fields, user characteristics (age, level of experience, etc..).

Besides translating the textual content, we also carry out the location of your games, programs and applications. Taking into account the technical difficulties related to this, we support: extension strings, elements / contextual factors in the case of variables and format dates and figures in others. Also, we can help you adjust the ergonomics and interface of your software products. Also, we install the program to do the testing and linguistic, aesthetic and functional verification. In short, we offer our linguistic advice and our expertise in this field to achieve a product tailored to the public in the target markets. Our translation tools allow us to keep every one of the elements of programming and so give the client the translated standard format (PO, XLIFF, etc.) files.

Our translation agency always bet effective work methodology, consisting of several steps in which the attention to detail and respect prevails, in order to keep confidentiality. All our specialized translators have a linguistic profile linked to a significant professional or personal experience in computing. Our translators are rigorously selected to ensure a reliable and quality service.