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Certified translations are performed exclusively by a sworn translator. A sworn translator is a person of public trust and specializes in the translation of foreign language documents and authenticated copies of such documents, and can certify translations and copies made by other people.

To certify translations and copies of letters the certified translator uses a seal containing his/her name, and in the middle an indication of the language to which the translator has the power and position on the list of sworn translators. On all certified documents that are executed by a sworn translator, the item name or number under which the translation or copy shall be recorded in the repertory will be listed, as well as whether it was done with the original or a translation or extract.

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The differences between ordinary and certified translations
An ordinary translation is a translation prepared in any formfor example an electronic document. The character count of an ordinary translation is 1800 characters (including special characters) per page, according to European Union standards. For certified translations (“sworn”), the official unit conversion applies – 1,125 characters including spaces and special characters (in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Justice on 24 January 2005.

On remuneration for sworn translators). The fee is charged for each page, the number of pages a sworn translation is determined on the basis of the target text in accordance with the Act on the profession of translator.

The most commonly translated documents this way are:

  • Car documents.
  • Birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates.
  • Diplomas, certificates and legal documents such as deeds for buying and selling real estate
  • Employment contracts, commercial contracts, powers of attorney
  • Documents related to the business or the company’s invoices: VAT, EU VAT, ID, entry into the business register, copy of KRS and the like.
  • Documents relating to judgments and judicial decisions.