Specialized translations present a new challenge each time. In contrast to standard translations they require not only linguistic knowledge and the ability to build flowing sentences, but also industry knowledge. Vocabulary and jargon of an industry is in fact something very specific – sometimes a standard interpretation of a single word can lead to distortion throughout the text.

To provide our customers maximum satisfaction and ensure the professionalism of our translations, we work only with experienced translators specialized in such industries as medical, technical, legal and information technology. Each of them is further supported by consultations with engineers and masters of certain specialties, depending on the subject and complexity of the text.

Bilingua Croydon Translations is well aware that the translation of documents such as technical specifications, patents or acts, often predict the success and future of the company. Therefore, each specialist translation is approached with diligence and punctuality – we assume full responsibility for the quality and reliability of the translation of the text, the time of completion of the order and the confidentiality of the documents.

We specialize in translation the following materials:

  • Software documentation, training materials
  • Process, production and finance documentation, laws, directives, regulations, bylaws, projects and EU requests
  • Specialized software interfaces
  • MA and Ph.D. thesis
  • Building specifications, documentation industry, manuals, safety instructions, MSDS, terms of Reference – translating the Terms of Reference.
  • Descriptions of industrial machinery, agricultural, etc.,
  • Product descriptions,
  • Documentation and technical specifications,
  • Patent documentation
  • And Many Others

Here’s what you get:

  • Attractive financial conditions
  • The best price to quality ratio
  • Accurate translations in the optimum timeframe
  • Project management for large implementations
  • A competent and reliable partner
  • More benefits you will find in our offer