How important is advertising today? On the one hand it is believed that without it, it is not possible to promote and build the image of both the company and the brand, on the other hand, the fact is pointed out that more and more often the recipients ignore it, because they have become more resistant to currently used methods.
Currently, companies that deal with creating an image, as well as corporations that create professional advertising campaigns, focus mainly on the creation of such ads, which must be original, and above all, they try to use symbols or patterns that have not previously been used and thus are not yet defended by mass culture.
Society – as indicated by the results of research – likes novelties, as well as offers of specific products in an innovative way. But what if the ad was produced outside national borders, and could be disseminated in a different language? Then, before the interpreters, rests a real challenge. It turns out that it is not merely sufficient to translate the usual content, which the advertising constitutes of.

Equally important is to capture the humor, wit or transfer of emotions that accompanies the product. It is a task far more difficult and beyond the usual, “blunt” translation. The specialist must therefore demonstrate not only a perfect knowledge of a foreign language, but also must definitely be familiar with the culture of the community, where advertising was created. Only this way will he be able to convey the real message. Only then will the advertising, – so to speak – ‘hit’ the emotions of society, causing them to feel the need to buy a particular product, good or service. It is probably the only way a translator contributes to the success of the spot to be aired.

Types of services:

  • Creative translation
  • “Accurate” translation for further editorial
  • Creation and editing of media advertising texts by the editors from the recipient country
  • Testing of advertising material by users coming from target markets
  • Cultural support during the creation of an ad
  • Translation of books and articles on marketing theory
  • Localization of advertising materials for any medium
  • Implementation of multilingual websites
  • Translation of voice-overs
  • Translation of subtitling for films
  • Preparing transcripts of audio/video