The economic, political and social situations of a country concerned and caused people – just like centuries ago – to emigrate and travel. Each departure, however, involves both financial expenses, as well as a number of formalities. The latter can cause the most problems and depends primarily on the purpose of the trip. In the case of emigration, it appears necessary to translate documents that confirm the education of the person, as well as their qualifications and skills.

Translations in this case are not simple. It turns out that a simple translation may not be sufficient for a prospective employer, because he has the right to require a sworn translation. And this cannot be done by every translator, only by someone who have completed the appropriate courses and have successfully passed the state examination.

Sworn translations – despite appearances – are not at all marginal. First of all, they are required especially in the case of documents. And this applies both to private documents, which will be used for seeking work outside the country, as well as those, which are needed to carry out a variety of proceedings before a court or state institutions. In this case, the probate or maintenance obligations for the establishment of a so-called foreign element, which is conducted before an English court, all records must be translated by individuals who have the appropriate privileges, education and experience. In the case of our country, this aspect – the translation of documents – is also governed by the relevant provisions that can be found within the Civil Code and the Code of Civil Procedure.

For this reason, all our legal translators have a double profile. In addition to training in law, they have a minimum 5 years’ experience in specialized translation. Our professional translators translate into their native language in the discipline that dominate (civil law, commercial law, labor law, international law, tax law, criminal law, etc.) and reside in their home country to provide quality service. They also undertake to consult and respect the lexicon and reference works recognized by the legal profession, in addition to using our glossaries and specific translation memories of each client.

We provide specialized legal translations in the following areas:

  • Copyright
  • Economic law
  • Corporate law
  • Pharmaceutical law
  • Media and advertising
  • Administrative law
  • Gambling
  • Criminal law
  • Competition law
  • Real estate business
  • Protection of personal data and privacy
  • Construction law
  • Company law
  • Tax law
    International law
  • Family Law
  • Labor law
  • Translation of documents
  • Procedural documents
  • Notarial acts
  • Acts of association
  • Agreements
  • Laws, decrees
  • Regulations, decisions etc…
  • Power of attorney
  • Articles and scientific publications