Ukrainian translation



The Ukrainian language is currently emerging from a long period of decline. Although there are nearly fifty million Ukrainians worldwide, including 37.5 million in Ukraine (77.8% of the total population), only in western Ukraine, Ukrainian is the language that prevails.

In Kiev, two languages ​​are spoken, a notable change from the recent past when the city was primarily Russian-speaking. The change has been caused largely by the influence of the rural population and migration from the western regions of Ukraine, but also by some natives of Kiev resorted to the language spoken at home and in everyday life.

In northern and central Ukraine, Russian is the language of the urban population, while Ukrainian is much more common in rural areas. In the eastern and southern parts of Ukraine, Russian prevails even in rural areas, and in Crimea, Ukrainian is almost absent.

You can expect an increase in the use of the Ukrainian language in Ukraine, while the rural people migrate to the cities and wider use originates in Central Ukraine. Ukrainian literary traditions are developing rapidly, overcoming the consequences of a long period of hindrance to its development by direct suppression or simply the lack of incentive policies by the state.

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