English translation



English is considered the most important language worldwide, either for those who speak it as their first language or for those who speak it as a second language. While the population of those who are born into English speaking families is lower than those of other languages, it is undeniable that the English language has become the most universally spoken language in the world.

In this sense, one can say that English is present almost everywhere in the world and is considered the main element of communication between diverse cultures that share little to no common trait.

The English language, as the name implies, is the official language of England. Later down the line, through acts such as colonization, many territories in and outside Europe were affected by the English coming in. Areas, such as Wales, Scotland and Ireland (in Europe), United States, Jamaica Canada (in America), South Africa and many parts of Oceania all accepted English as their main language, of course, with varying vocabulary and accents.

The phenomenon of globalization has contributed greatly to make English the most important and necessary language. Today, it is treated as the language of the most dominant countries in the world (mainly the US and England). Nowadays it is essential to learn English to not only work but also to communicate with the rest of the world, and to have access knowledge and information that you could not have without it.

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