Russian translation



Russian is spoken by over 200 million people, many of whom are monolingual, ie only speak Russian. The Russian is spoken throughout the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus and other former USSR republics. One problem that people face in Russia is the language barrier. You can not learn just by listening to Russian people for a few days.

The Russian language is really difficult, in addition to other alphabet, there are plenty of unusual and strange sounds, and some people never get pronounce them well. Also your grammar is very complicated and different compared to other languages such as English, Spanish, etc … Learn a little Russian means that if you ever travel to Russia, you can more easily avoid some drawbacks of the difficulty of the language . Of course, knowing a few words will not be enough to communicate, but. If you know them and can almost read Russian letters, that would be helpful. If this is not the case, we are to help you with your traslations from and into Russian.

Among our philological staff you can find domain-specific translators who specialize in the translation of medical, legal or business texts. Translation offers are addressed to all who care about timeliness, professionalism of our services and the high professional level of our work. In Bilingua Croydon we translate from Russian and into Russian from low prices.

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