Below you will find the most popular questions posed by our customers as well as detailed answers. We hope that the answers below will help you clear up any confusion.
If you are missing the answer to your specific question, please contact us.

What is the cost of translating one A4 page?
Translations are billed according to the number of characters, rather than A4 pages – the so-called “Physical pages “.
For translations, the included specialized unit of account is a page containing 1800 characters, including spaces and special characters, not like other translation agencies, who handle an estimate of 1500-1700 characters (1800 characters are the norm in the European Union).

For certified translations (“sworn”), we use the same official unit conversion – 1,125 characters including spaces and special characters.
The cost of translation depends on several factors:
language of the translations
type of text: normal or specialist
type of translation: normal / sworn

In what timeframe can I have a text translated?
Our translation agency knows, that we deal with different customers who have different needs with respect to the pace of work on the translation. Not everything is possible to execute “on the spot”.
If you propose a specific date of translation, we will let you know whether we will meet this deadline. If not, we do not accept the translation.
We do not charge any extra costs for express/expedited/emergency services and the like.


How does the whole process of translation work?
We have clear and friendly principles and minimum formalities
All you have to do is follow these 5 steps:
Send us the text for valuation. You can do this by the valuation form available here, or send an e-mail with an attachment to the following address: glajtos@yahoo.com
Within a maximum of 30 minutes you’ll be in touch with our consultant. You will receive a free full valuation and information about the time of the order.
If the offered conditions meet your expectations, please send us a confirmation of the order by e-mail.
After receiving your approval of the valuation, we proceed to execution, of course you will be informed. The finished version will be sent by e-mail and/or in printed form.
For completed translations you can pay upon receipt of the invoice (VAT) to our bank account.
We also offer alternative forms of payment.