Business partners at work

The Bilingua Croydon Translation agency has been providing its services since 2005.We are a rapidly growing translation agency, and our extensive experience allows us to provide professionalism and reliability with regards to the execution of our work. A huge database of proven and experienced translators is the foundation of our business.
We have a thriving office, which employs qualified people eagerly approaching work. We offer a comprehensive, reliable and competent service in the field of translation.

Translations sent by a client to the office, fall into the hands of professionals who not only know the language well, but also have substantial knowledge of the topic. We have experience on implementing massive translation projects counting thousands of pages. We know how to coordinate the implementation of such orders (disposal of the text to translators, programmed coordination of terminology during translation, linking text in all documents, the final verification of the whole, presenting the text to the customer).

Our in-depth, specialist knowledge and professionalism, competitive prices and the use of the latest technology, allows us to go beyond the typical client-supplier relationship, building in its place a long-term partnership.

We translate primarily to the following languages:

English, German, French, Russian, Czech, Finnish, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, and more…

The Bilingua Croydon’s offer is access to a range of specialized services that are always selected according to the needs of the job or translation project requested.

For us, translations consist of not only the translation itself, but also a whole process of quality assurance. Translating is a process, in which a team consists of: language consultants, verifiers and editors. This group ensures consistency in terminology and stylistic translation.

Trust our professionals and take advantage of our experience!